Remington Ammunition Teams up with National Deer Association

Luke Cuenco   10.19.21

Most of you will be familiar with the National Deer Association and its continuing efforts to promote sustainable, high-quality deer populations and habitats across the nation for both current and future generations of hunters. Remington Ammunition has just announced a recent partnership with the National Deer Association (NDA) to promote the growth of the organization in an effort to extend its reach and capabilities as a non-profit conservation organization.


Remington Ammunition Teams up with National Deer Association

“We are excited about this partnership and know our contribution will be put to great use in furthering NDA’s important mission, As another way to show Big Green is Back, it was no question we had to support NDA considering not only how important their mission is to wildlife, but to hunters nationwide.”

Jon Zinnel, Conservation Program Manager for Remington Ammunition

The NDA has over 38 combined years of experience and action that makes them one of the most prolific conservation organizations in the hunting field. Conservation in the united states is often difficult and faces many threats from both natural and industrial causes, and organizations like the NDA and now partnered with Remington Ammunition have a vested interest in keeping both the wildlife and the lands they inhabit preserved and sustained for future generations. Remington Ammunition recently saw a resurgence back into the ammunition industry following being acquired by the Vista Outdoors group and the company has been steadily putting ammunition back on shelves since they announced that “Big Green is Back.”

“It’s so great to have Big Green back and we are thrilled to partner with such a key player in the industry, No single brand or bullet is more well-known to deer hunters than Remington Core-Lokt Tipped so having Remingtons’ support really makes this a home run”

NDA President and CEO Nick Pinizzotto.

I have to agree with Mr. Pinizzotto. Remington produces some of the most popular hunting ammunition on the market and it is widely used across all types of hunting disciplines from everything from waterfowl hunting to deer hunting. Hopefully, this new partnership will bode well for the future of North American hunting conservation efforts and also serve as a way for companies like Remington to show their customers exactly what they are all about.

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