Our best tips for staying in shape while travelling New Zealand

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Travellers say it’s hard to stay in shape, but when you’re in New Zealand that seems like an excuse. Around every corner there’s something to do – something to challenge you. It doesn’t take a gruelling workout at the gym or a long run to stay in peak shape. Get creative and take advantage of your surroundings!

1. Surf and yoga combo in Raglan!

Surfing gives you a total body workout. It’s not only taxing on your legs and arms as you’re trying to catch a wave, but your lungs get a workout too when you’re head to head with some of the world’s greatest waves. Finish off the day with yoga practice – the view is absolutely incredible and there’s no better way to stretch out those sore legs than a yoga session! Check out our destination guide for more info about Raglan.

2. Abel Tasman Hike

Turn this hike into an interval run. For 15 seconds pick up the pace, then go back to your regular pace for 45. You can do this walking or running. Add a 30 lb backpack to it and your body will be beach ready when you finally arrive at one of the most incredible beaches in the world. More info about the Abel Tasman hike.

Hiking in the Abel Tasman National Park

3. Go hunting at Blue Duck Station

At Blue Duck Station, you will go hiking through some of the thickest and hilliest terrains NZ has to offer. Even if hunting isn’t your thing, you will get to do check out some absolutely incredible wildlife, including the wild goats! (Hint: Prepare to get muddy!)

Guided Hunt at Blue Duck Station, a Stray NZ Exclusive Stop!

4. Go canyoning

From climbing to rappelling, you’re doing it all! How much more fun can you squeeze into an afternoon? This is a total body workout that requires skills in both coordination and strength. It will be the fastest 3-hour workout you will ever do. You can go canyoning at Torrent River with Abel Tasman Canyons or hop off in the Thames to do the Sleeping God Canyon – it’s not for the faint-hearted!

Sleeping Giant Canyon | photo: CanyoNZ

5. Whitewater rafting or kayaking

It’s a total upper body and core workout! It looks absolutely deceptive, but try paddling for 3 hours straight and tell me you’re not getting a fun and challenging workout. Best of all – you’re on some of the clearest, most beautiful waters in the world.

Rangitata is the main stop for rafting down the Rangitata Gorge and the Rangitata River

What is your favourite workout while travelling?

This is only the tip of the iceberg. There are so many different ways to stay fit while travelling New Zealand. What is your favourite workout? Let us know in the comments. Thanks.

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