New Vehicle Hunting Gun Rack RMP from Grey Man Tactical

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Luke Cuenco   10.19.21

Keeping your hunting gear in good order is an essential thing if you’re constantly on the prowl. Even if your day job doesn’t involve you getting fast access to your hunting rifle, having a convenient and accessible location will make things a lot easier for you for your next hunting trip. Grey Man Tactical has just introduced their new Vehicle Hunting Gun Rack RMP package which features Grey Man Tactical’s 15.25 x 25 Rigid Molle Panel as well as a whole host of useful attachments and accessories that will keep your hunting gear organized while you ride out to your favorite hunting spot.

New Vehicle Hunting Gun Rack RMP from Grey Man Tactical

Package Contents:
QTY 1 – 15.25 X 25 RMP™
QTY 1 – Buckle Loop-Around + D-Ring RMP Strap™ Black [Headrest]
QTY 1 – Buckle Loop-Around RMP Strap™ Black [Seat Bottom]
QTY 1 – RMP™ Buttstock Cup Kit [Standard Cup]
QTY 1 – RMP™ Buttstock – 6″ Extension
QTY 1 – QuickFist® Go-Between Clamp – Enlarged [Handguard]
QTY 1 – RMP™ Hook
QTY 1 – GMT Tear Away General Purpose Pouch
QTY 2 – Hook & Loop Cinch Strap [8”]
QTY 2 – Hook & Loop Cinch Strap [12”]

The Vehicle Seatback Hunting Gun Rack RMP package combines the ease of organization with accessibility for your hunting gear. The package features the Rubber Clamp + RMP Buttstock cup kit with a 6″ extension bracket to keep your rifle or shotgun secure but also in reach. The package features a large 15.25×25 RMP (Rigid Molle Panel)  that will have space for additional gear such as binoculars, spotting scopes, and laser rangefinders as well as space for other important gear like a first aid kit

In addition to the Vehicle Hunting Gun Rack RMP™, Grey Man Tactical™ is pleased to announce a sponsorship with the popular hunting show, Struttin Buck. Since 2008, Struttin Buck has produced some of the most creative imagery and production captured, making them one of the most-watched shows in outdoor television.

“I am thrilled to partner with the fine folks at Struttin Buck. Their dedication to family, country and overall respect for conservation made them the perfect partnership for Grey Man Tactical™,” said Paul Capdepon, CEO – Grey Man Tactical™.

Having personally tested a number of Grey Man Tactical’s gear I can tell you that the Vehicle Hunting Gun Rack RMP package is a well thought out and useful piece of kit for those that are particular about their firearms accessibility and organization. The new Vehicle Hunting Gun rack RMP Package is sold for $375 and fits with any vehicle seat back or attached to off-road vehicles for use in a wider variety of environments.

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