How to Save Money for Travel (You Don’t Need To Be Rich!)

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Do you really need that magazine subscription? Probably not.

Do you really need to keep that gym membership? I don’t think you do. I say this because you can still stay fit without spending that much on fees! How? By just taking your workout outdoors. Though, if you’re not the kind who loves running, opt to try home exercises!

I once had a gym membership, but after realizing that I barely have the time to make it to the gym before closing time after my work hours, I decided to cancel my ties with them and just do home exercises. The icing to the cake was that other than saving more of my cash, I lost more pounds than when I was signed up at the fitness center!

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Food/Grocery Costs

You can stash away a LOT of money if you choose to cook your own meals at home as an alternative to getting your meals from restaurants or fast food places. With this, you can eat healthier too!

You don’t know how to cook? Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a skilled chef to come up with a decent meal in your kitchen. There is a wide range of resources online that can teach you to cook fast, simple, and healthy meals.

TIP: Plan out your meals before you go grocery shopping so you can avoid making unnecessary purchases. It also helps to buy in bulk especially for items that you usually use around your house such as toilet paper, etc.

What’s more to this is that: are you a coffee-lover? Bear in mind that for every cup you steer clear of, the closer you get to reaching the amount on your travel fund! But if you really need a cup of jo, avoid the big brands like Starbucks because you’re mostly paying for the name. I bet that there are a lot of cafes in your area that are cheaper but with the same or better quality. (Or just pack and make your own cup! At least then, you can control how much sugar or cream you’d like.)

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Vanity Costs

Nails done, hair done… now look at the total charge. Yep, you could have avoided spending that much money if you opted to do it yourself.

I guess cutting your hair can’t be avoided especially if you don’t trust your hair-cutting skills, but for coloring? This is something that you can do without the help of professionals (surely it takes some care especially if you’re going to do bleaching, but it can always be learned and you can always ask a friend to help you out).

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Other Costs

This section is up to you since you probably have other kinds of expenses that I missed — so please, do yourself a favor and scrutinize every single payment you regularly make because every coin that you can keep, COUNTS!

If I can add more tips, if you’re the kind of person who happens to get involved in a lot of events: birthdays, weddings, etc. then look into the possibility of making a DIY gift instead of buying stuff from the store. It’s a lot more thoughtful and the sender will know how much effort you put into it.

As for habits, do you occasionally smoke? Reward yourself by giving it up. I know that it can be hard but if you muster some strength and discipline, the end result is that you’ll be healthier, if not ‘wealthier’ too.

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