How to Apply for a France Schengen Visa for Tourists (2021 PH)

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Step 6: Wait for the results of your France Schengen Visa application

Once the France Embassy is done assessing your application, they will send back your passport and your other original documents to VFS.

Consecutively, VFS will send you an email or text message once your application is done, and LBC will deliver your passport and visa results. Once they’re at your address, make sure to present the receipt that you received from VFS.

Please do NOT inquire with VFS directly if your application has been approved OR denied because they also do NOT know the result themselves. They are simply functioning as a middleman between you and the French Embassy. However, what you can do is track the status of your application by going to this site. Simply input the reference number indicated on the receipt issued by VFS along with your last name.

Applications accepted at VFS are usually submitted the next working day to the France Embassy and the time required to process France visa applications is up to 2 to 7 working days however as per Schengen Codex, it can take up to 15 working days and some might even be called for an interview at the French Embassy.

As an example, my first experience with the French Embassy took only 5 working days and I was granted a multiple-entry tourist visa application.

February 26, 2020: VFS appointmentMarch 3, 2020: Visa results and pick-up

My second application was in September 2021 (with the new steps/requirements mentioned above) and it also took 5 working days for my visa to be given to me.

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WAS YOUR APPLICATION DENIED? I’m very sorry to hear this! Every application is up to the embassy’s scrutiny no matter if you have accomplished all the requirements mentioned above.

So when your application is refused, it is said that they may or may not indicate the reason, and you may lodge an appeal against this decision to the Minister of the Interior within 2 months of being informed. Your request must be signed, written in French, and sent by regular mail to the following address (you can also get the help of a lawyer for this).

Secrétariat général de la CRRV
Commission de Recours contre les Décisions de Refus de Visa d’entrée en France
BP 83609 – 44036 Nantes CEDEX 01, France

Make sure to include
– Your personal information (last name, first name, date of birth)
– The name and location of the Embassy that refused your application

This procedure is mandatory before it is sent for an appeal to an administrative judge. If they reject your appeal, they will do so in writing or by implicitly not replying to you within 2 months.

It’s clearly a long process… but if you don’t want to go to the trouble of appealing, you can re-apply at any time — but… that won’t essentially solve the issue at all. Some people have tried reapplying with another Embassy but your record of refusal will still be on their system. Nevertheless, most of those who were successful in getting a visa even after a refusal were able to do so when they applied for a different visa type.

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