Here’s How You Can Update Your TomTom Map – For Free

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How Do I Install The MyDrive Connect App on My Computer?

To update your Tomtom device, you must have a MyDrive Connect account which can be accessed via a Pc or Mac application. 

This free application allows you to manage all content, services, and updates regarding your Tomtom navigation device. Every week Tomtom updates are made available to users to help enhance their experience. To install the application on either Mac or Windows, follow each of the steps listed below:

For Windows

Open the Tomtom website ( and download the latest version of Tomtom home or MyDrive Connect for Windows.

Once downloaded, click Run and select your language preferences.

A pop-up will appear on your screen, click OK, and the installation wizard for TomTom Home will open up.

Terms and conditions will appear. After reading and understanding them, select agree.

Click Next to be able to install. In case User Account Control messages appear, click Yes and the installation process will start.

Once the installation process is over, click finish and you are all set to use your Tomtom app.

For macOS

Download the latest version of the Tomtom home or MyDrive Connect app for Mac from Next, click the finder option to access your downloads.

Double click the Tomtom downloaded file and the installer opens on your screen.

Click continue and the terms of service will appear on your screen.

After reading the terms of service carefully, click agree.

A pop up will appear on your screen, click the install button to move further.

You will be asked to enter your admin password.

Click install software and wait for the installation process to complete, after which you are free to use your Tomtom home software to operate and update your device.

Older Tomtom Models

A few years back, Tomtom announced that they would no longer be certain models they had produced previously. This was contrary to their lifetime update guarantee, which they later clarified applied only to the useful life of the GPS.

The reason cited for this transition was that older devices lacked sufficient storage space to process the additional information required to provide up-to-date and increasingly accurate navigation. To upgrade the quality of their GPS systems and develop a more comprehensive mapping system, this move was deemed necessary by the company.

Naturally, this announcement incited fury amongst users who were using models that were suddenly deemed incompatible.

However, newer models with sufficient storage space can be frequently updated to match the navigation quality of new releases. If you are considering buying a Tomtom to help smoothen your navigation on the road, make sure to purchase a model that supports the updates regularly available on their app.

Final Note

The Tomtom navigation device is an incredibly useful navigation tool to have in your vehicle. Its up-to-date and constantly improving mapping systems guarantee users a consistent and high-quality experience.

You can easily update your TomTom maps for free through their app and gain access to an improved network of navigation. Their desktop app allows you to easily update the device using both a USB connection and Wi-Fi. This ever-evolving device has its place in navigation and is still used vastly by millions across the world.

So if you travel often and need a navigation tool guaranteed to get you to your destination quickly, this is the one for you. There are regular new updates to make the TomTom as efficient as possible, and with a few short steps, you can update your TomTom map for free. 

Simply follow this guide and you’ll be good to go. 

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