Best Sand Shoes – (Our UK Sandshoe Top Guide)

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Sand Shoes – Our Top Picks

There are lots of choices when it comes to sand shoes but deciding on the right pair does mean a lot of research; if you want something that fits your every need. To save you the time and effort of hours scouring the internet, we’ve brought you a list of some of the most elite sand shoes out there. 

Why Do I Need Sand Shoes?

You might think that walking along the beach barefoot is the simplest way to get around near the coast. But this isn’t the case. For starters, wearing nothing on your feet doesn’t give you the support that your tootsies need, especially when you’re going over long distances. 

Moreover, wearing nothing on your feet comes with a risk of injury. As much as we’d all like to believe that the beaches of the world are pristine, the sad truth is that they aren’t. There may be pieces of glass or debris and even natural materials like seashells that could cause injuries when stepped on. 

Depending where you are in the world, there may also be creatures hiding in the sand that could bite or sting you. In some parts of the world there are incredibly toxic animals living on the beach such as box jellyfish and the stonefish, to name a few. When stepped on, without medical assistance, a sting from these animals could be fatal; it simply isn’t worth the risk. 

So, why not just pop on a pair of your favourite trainers or running shoes? Well, these shoes aren’t always designed for this type of terrain. Yes, some might be, but not all. Unless you have shoes that support the feet and your weight as you move through the sand, you’ll find that your calves become tired and sore very quickly. This will almost certainly spoil your adventure and have you heading back to camp feeling sorry for yourself. 

Things To Look For When Buying Sand Shoes

When choosing a pair of good sand shoes, there are certain qualities that you must look out for. If you can source a pair that have all of these qualities then great; you’ve got everything you need to start exploring the beach in comfort and safety. Let’s take a look at what you should keep an eye out for.


While sand isn’t the most rugged material, long hours walking across it can put a lot of stress on your footwear. Without durable materials, you will quickly find that the shoes become worn and far less comfortable. 

Of course, you’ll need to think about comfort as well, there’s very little point in buying a pair of incredibly robust sand shoes that feel like you are wearing two breeze blocks on your feet. It’s important to find soft yet strong materials to get the best of both worlds. 

Are They Waterproof?

The beach isn’t a dry place; it’s right along the sea, after all. Even if you intend on staying out of the water, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself stepping over a rock pool or walking through wet sand. If your shoes are not waterproof, your feet will become wet and then the shoes may begin to chafe and cause blisters. For this reason, we would always suggest selecting a pair of shoes that are, at the very least, water resistant. If you plan on going near the ocean, go for something waterproof.

As well as being waterproof, you want a pair of sand shoes that are easy to clean. It is possible to wash shoes in the washing machine, provided they are made from synthetic materials. However, this should be done with extreme caution and the shoes should always be washed with other items like towels to protect your machine. Otherwise, you will want sand shoes that are easy to wipe and that don’t mark.


Walking over sand is difficult at the best of times without the added stress of having to lift a weight every time you take a step. The best sand shoes are lightweight and yet this does not come at the cost of durability. 


Regardless of the weather, your feet will sweat when you are more active. Hiking over the sand is going to raise your heart rate and make you heat up. Without breathable shoes, moisture will build up inside and cause a whole host of problems. 

Primarily, this moisture will cause great discomfort and you’ll find that your shoes begin to rub your feet. Not to mention that we all know how badly a pair of sweaty shoes can smell, and that’s the last thing that anyone wants. So, look for breathable materials like GoreTex that allow for excellent airflow around the shoe. 


Your shoes must have good grip on the outsole; this allows them to grip the ground below and provides you with better stability. This is something that is important on any type of shoe but when you’re looking at shoes designed to be used on less stable or even terrain, like sand, it becomes even more important. 

The outsole should be made from a high quality rubber with a lug pattern suitable for walking on sand. However, you don’t want it to be so deep that sand gets stuck in the grooves leaving you with a mammoth cleaning task after your walk. 


A good pair of sand shoes will provide support, comfort and protection for your feet when walking over this type of uneven terrain. If you’ve ever tried to walk over sand barefoot or in something like flip flops, you’ll know how much it makes your legs ache. So, for your next adventure, why not choose one of our best sand shoes top picks and enjoy the beach like never before!

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