Air Mattress Vs Self Inflating Mattress (Our Guide To Which Is Best)

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Can You Sleep On An Air Mattress Permanently?

Sleeping on the average, low to medium-priced air mattress permanently is not advised but can be done if necessary.  There are a few potential drawbacks if you are thinking of doing this. 

Keep in mind that most air mattresses are designed as a temporary bedding solution. Permanent air mattresses are available, but they are designed specifically for home use.  Air mattresses for permanent household use can cost around $200, some even more. This type of permanent air mattress is not well suited for outdoor camping use.   

The main drawback of using an air mattress as a permanent bed is that one tiny air leak due to a puncture or leaking seam will deflate your bed. Therefore, the quality of the air mattress that you choose plays a vital part in determining your bed’s longevity.

The following also needs to be considered when wanting to use an air mattress as a permanent bed:

In terms of lumbar support, air mattresses do not offer the same level of support as conventional mattresses. Air mattresses tend to be pretty firm and unforgiving when lying on them. 

Over time you may develop aches and pains resulting from poor sleeping posture if you sleep on an air mattress for extended periods. The reason for this is because your torso, which is the heaviest part of your body, will invariably sink deeper into the mattress than your head and limbs.

Taller or thicker air mattresses will be more prone to the sagging sensation. The outer edges of some may even lift off the floor when you lay down on the mattress.

Thinner air mattresses also have some drawbacks. Because they are thin, they need to be pumped up quite firmly to avoid you feeling the floor when turning over in bed. 

Fully PVC-type air mattresses tend to be quite slippery, especially when covered by a sheet. There is, therefore, a possibility that you could you may slip off the mattress when least expecting it.  

When using a double bed air mattress, movements made by your partner are transferred to your side of the mattress. This movement can cause sleep disturbance.

Most air mattresses are made from a PVC material that does not effectively regulate temperature or wick moisture. In hot climates, you will sweat more as your body tries to regulate your body temperature. Because it is  PVC, the sweat cannot dissipate, which can be uncomfortable.

The opposite is also true in cold climates. PVC does not retain heat well. An air mattress is, in effect, a bubble of cold air below your body. The cold will be transferred to you from underneath, resulting in you feeling cold.

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