9 Best Cheap Weekend Break Ideas In The UK

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How To Find A Cheap UK Weekend Break

When some people think of taking a short break in the UK, they imagine a spa hotel and relaxing with a glass of champagne; that doesn’t come cheap. Of course, there are deals to be had and if that’s the kind of break you have your heart set on, it’s worth checking out local Groupons and other offers. 

However, if you’re happy to be a bit more flexible with what you’re looking for then the good news is that there are plenty of last minute deals to be had. If you can hold off booking your accommodation until a few days before you leave, you’ll find that the price drops as businesses and owners don’t want their property to remain empty. Whether it’s a hotel with spare rooms or an Airbnb without a tenant for the weekend, you may find you save a lot of money. The only downside is that you won’t have such a vast choice. 

One of the best ways to keep the cost down while exploring the UK is to provide your own accommodation. If you’ve got a passion for the outdoors then camping or caravanning is the obvious choice. You won’t pay a fortune for your spot on the campsite and you’ve got the freedom to go where you please. 

Regardless of what or where you are booking, it’s always a good idea to compare prices. Some websites will charge more for the same hotel, lodge, cabin and any other type of accomodation and the difference can be quite significant. If you find somewhere that takes your fancy, be ready to take a look around for a better deal before you hit ‘book.’

Planning Your Activities

When it comes to booking a cheap weekend break, the last thing you want to do is wing it. Don’t take anything by chance and be prepared to plan your itinerary before you leave. This way you can book tours, wine tastings, activities and anything else that takes your fancy online, which often comes with a discount. 

Doing this will also mean that you don’t face any disappointments on the day as some of the most affordable activities around the country are also among the most popular. Of course, if your plan is to simply walk and wile away the hours enjoying the beauty that the UK has to offer, you won’t need to worry. 

Additionally, it is worth looking at any local free activities as these can often be extremely interesting and won’t add to the cost of your break. If you have children, there are often plenty of free things to do that’ll keep them entertained for hours. 

9 Of The Best Cheap UK Weekend Breaks

All of the places we are going to be looking at are accessible and in mainland UK. While some of these places also offer more luxurious or expensive breaks, we have found some great options for an affordable getaway after a long week at the office. 


We’ve all become enamoured with the idea of a staycation recently but for a lot of Brits, finding an affordable weekend away in the UK isn’t easy. For starters, there is just so much choice and even once you have narrowed down your choice of location, there’s still a lot of research to do if you want to find activities and accommodation that won’t break the bank. 

We’ve scoured the UK for the best, and most affordable options so all you need to do is choose what appeals the most! Whether it’s relaxing in one of the UKs beautiful countryside locations, exploring 

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