5 Best Heavy Duty Pop-Up Gazebo With Sides (3×3)

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5 Of The Best Heavy Duty Pop-Up Gazebos With Sides

No matter what you’re looking for, we’ve got your back! Grab a cuppa and take a look at some of the most impressive and durable pop-up gazebos available today. Note that all of the gazebos we are looking at measure 3m x 3m.

What To Look For In A Heavy Duty Pop-Up Gazebo With Sides

Buying a heavy duty gazebo with sides isn’t as simple as you might think. There are some manufacturers that advertise their product as being strong and durable when in reality, it won’t withstand even the slightest gust of wind or a knock from the kids when they’re playing football. To make sure that you end up with the best gazebo possible, always check the following aspects. 


The most obvious thing to keep and eye out for when shopping for a heavy duty gazebo is strength. If you’ve ever owned a flimsy gazebo, you’ll know how easily it can blow down and become unusable. That is not what we’re looking for here. 

It’s important to check what material the frame is made from. Heavy duty steel is an excellent choice where strength is concerned but this type of metal will corrode more easily than something like aluminium. However, aluminium doesn’t offer as much strength so it’s important to consider things like whether you intend on leaving the gazebo out in the rain and just how strong you want it to be. 

Powder coated steel gives a little more resistance to the elements and you should also be looking for frames that have been reinforced. The frame should be thick and durable as this will prevent it from bending or warping when put under pressure.


As well as strength, it is important to be able to secure your gazebo. This is often done using guy ropes and pegs so you’ll need to make sure that the frame accommodates these. Hooks for the ropes and peg holes in the feet are some of the most essential things to look out for. 

You might also consider whether the gazebo comes with ropes and pegs and how strong they are. Many gazebos do come with these accessories but they’re often cheap and unreliable. If you want your gazebo to stand up no matter what, then it might be worth considering getting some heavy duty tent pegs or ropes for extra security. 

The Canopy

If you’re sitting under your gazebo in the rain, you want to be certain that no water is going to get through. Most manufacturers will advertise their gazebo as being waterproof but this isn’t always the case. 

Make sure that the canopy fabric is waterproof but also check the stitching to ensure that there are no holes and gaps that rain could leak through. Cheaper gazebos will typically be made from much poorer quality fabrics and this is something you will want to avoid at all costs. If you are looking for a hardtop gazebo we wrote a guide about that.


It’s more than possible to buy a cheap gazebo for less than £100; much less in some cases. But is this always a good idea? We wouldn’t advise it. If you want a gazebo that is going to remain strong and stable all summer then you’ll need to be willing to part with a little more cash. Some of the best heavy duty gazebos might set you back a few hundred pounds but the investment is worth it as you’ll have a product that will stand the test of time. 

Moreover, if you are looking for a gazebo with sides then you will need to pay a little extra for this but the benefit is that you have much greater protection from the weather. An awning might be more affordable option.

It’s also worth checking whether the gazebo comes with a warranty and exactly what this covers. In some cases, there will be limits on how the gazebo is used that might affect the warranty. 


Just because the weather isn’t doing what you had hoped, that shouldn’t mean that you miss out on enjoying your garden. Having a heavy duty gazebo with sides gives you reliable protection from rain, UV rays and the cold allowing you to dine outdoors, socialise and have fun. 

Of course, you do need to be mindful of what you are buying and make sure that the gazebo is of the best quality and is designed to withstand whatever life throws at it. When you’re confident on what to look for, our top picks give you a great place to start in finding your perfect gazebo.

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